Sling Warning


Since WorkSafe Products is an independent lift dealer, we are approached by other manufacturers to represent other 3rd party products. Recently I received information from an overseas manufacturer regarding their slings. They had a wide variety that would work on the EZ Lifts that we sell. Without asking, I assume that these slings could be sold at about half the price of the EZ Way slings.

After careful review of the literature, I saw a number of dangers I wanted to pass along.

First: you are using a sling to hold your patient 3 to 4 feet in the air. A dropped patient at this height could be catastrophic. So my observations were:

  • the weight limits of the slings did not match the weight limits of most lifts. A facility could easily purchase a sling that would under perform the lift. That is, you could end-up with a 500lb sling for a 600lb lift. Also, the labeling may be in kilograms and there could be confusion on the conversion to pounds.
  • the hook-ups for the slings were close to the type of sling we sell. However, they were not the same. A mis-matched sling could cause a patient to fall out. When facilities have more than one type of lift, this has been known to happen.
  • the material and stitching was not as robust as on the slings we sell. We use more material and double stitching on our Deluxe slings than what I saw in the samples.
  • EZ Way has a very wide selection of slings and can also do custom slings as needed.

Note that the FDA says: “Match the sling to the specific lift and the weight of the patient. A sling must be approved for use by the patient lift manufacturer. No sling is suitable for use with all patient lifts”

For more from the FDA see: FDA issues best practices guidelines for Patient Lifts

From my evaluation of this product, I believe the our EZ Way Slings for our EZ Lifts will last longer, would be more comfortable for the patient and be much safer. If you have any questions please be sure to contact me.

Ted Engler
WorkSafe Products



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