EZ Way shakes-up the patient lift market by introducing a high quality low cost patient lift

classic lift

EZ Way has just entered the low-cost lift market with their new EZ Way Classic Lift! EZ Way’s Classic Lift is not like other inexpensive lifts on the market as it is built just a sturdy as the EZ Way Smart Lift and offers the same 10-year warranty on the frame and 3-year warranty on components.

The Classic Lift offers:

  • Power leg spreader
  • 500lb weight capacity
  • Includes 1 battery pack and on-board charging (optional remote battery charger available)
  • Uses EZ Way’s complete line of accessories

Use the EZ Way Classic Lift to:

  • Lift and transfer patients from bed, chair, toilet and floor
  • Reposition or turn patients in bed
  • Elevate limbs

Safe Patient Handling has been a challenge since moving patients requires a great deal of force and positioning. A wrong move can cause severe back problems. To compound the problem patients have become heavier and heavier. The best product we have found for transferring is the EZ Lift. It is heavy duty, easy to use and has an outstanding service department. Now EZ Way has introduced a lift with all of the features just mention but for almost $2,000 less than the EZ Way Smart Lift!

If you would like a no obligation quote or if you would like to learn more, please send us an email or give us a call.

For detailed information on the EZ Way Classic Lift click here.

For EZ Way’s web site click here


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