L6 Laptop Stand

Laptop stand

As far as ergonomic gadgets go, I like the Humanscale L6 Laptop Holder. This device gets the laptop screen up to eye level for better viewing and posture. Then use a wireless keyboard and mouse for easy input. The L6 also has a built-in wire management system for an uncluttered office. See this at our website: https://lnkd.in/ePabWKd hashtagergonomic hashtaggadgets hashtagdevice hashtagposture hashtaghumanscale hashtaglaptop hashtaglaptopstand

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New EZ Way Catalog

EZ Way has added many new items to their product offering. This includes portable lifts, rehab tools ant bathing devices.

To find out more a “pdf” version of the catalog has been attached.


WorkSafe Products is your local dealer for EZ Way Safe Patient Handling Products. This includes lifts, sit-to-stands, ceiling lifts, lateral transfer devices and more.

WorkSafe Products is an ergonomics company providing solutions to their clients that reduce injuries and improve productivity. Reduced injuries have proven to reduce facility overhead and pay for our products in a short period of time.

We have been in business for over 20 years and represent Missouri and Illinois largest employers.

EZ Way products can be purchased throught these contracts:

  • HealthTrust
  • HPSI
  • Intralere
  • McKesson
  • Premier
  • VA
  • Vizient

Contact us:

If you would like a price list, an actual catalog(s) or a specfic quote please do not hesitate to contact us. Also we provide free presentations, facility evaluations and trials.




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The Key to Reducing Injuries in Health Care Environment

By: Ted EnglerSmartLifts

Do worker’s injuries turn your facility’s bottom line into a leaky bucket?

According to OSHA: “More workers are injured in the healthcare and social assistance industry sector than any other. This industry has one of the highest rates of work-related injuries and illnesses. In 2017, the healthcare and social assistance industry reported more injury and illness cases than any other private industry sector — 582,800 cases (2017 Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, BLS). That is 153,900 more cases than the next industry sector, manufacturing.”

Patient lifting technology has been around for 30 years or more and has made a difference. Many facilities that have purchased Patient Lifts and Sit to Stands have save 10’s of thousands of dollars but some have seen little result.

There are two reasons for successful “Safe Patient Handling Programs.” First is dedication of a program from all management. Support must come from all upper level management down to front line workers that have been specially trained to become “champions.” Second, you must have complete support from your Patient Lift manufacturer. Products must be designed from beginning to end with your Safe Patient Handling program in mind. I will explain what this means.

Today a facility can purchase an electric patient lift on-line for only a few thousand dollars. You will be able to transfer a patient or resident from point A to point B without any problems. However, what if it needs repair or you need a special sling for an amputee or, even worse, your employees do not know how to operate the lift. Every day the lift or stand is out of service you are at risk of a very expensive injury.

My suggestion: find a lift that is built very rugged and can take heavy weights. I have been in the ergonomic products business for over 25 years and continually hear: “our patients get heavier and heavier every year.” Look at warranties. For a product as critical as a patient lift, one year will not cut it. The manufacture must stand behind this equipment for multiple years. Once you are sure the equipment will handle the heavier weights and will last in your environment there are other things to look for: backup controls so one broken switch does not take the lift out of service, back up batteries to keep the process going once one battery dies, product consultations from well trained staff, on-site training even years after purchase and other training services. Also, can the manufacturer get parts to you quickly to avoid long downtime.

Also, when purchasing a lift, keep a focus on reducing employee injuries. The money saved here will more than make up the cost of your equipment.

Ted Engler is President of WorkSafe Products, a company that specializes in reducing injuries in coorporate offices and health care facilities. Ted’s 38 yeas of experience in looking at Human Factors in the workplace has been shared with some of the largest corporations and hospital chains in the midwest. Find more information: www.worksafeproducts.com

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Cleaning up your computer workstation?

Home Office-1

Visit us at https://www.wsergo.com email: sales@worksafeproducts.com call: (800) 409-4887

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WorkSafe: helping you with a cost effective Safe Patient Handling program

EZ LiftsAt WorkSafe Products we try to act as a consultant to large organization’s safety teams to help them find the right product for a particular situation. To do this we partner with some of the best manufacturers of ergonomic products giving us a wide range of solutions to help our clients.

In the case of Safe Patient Handling products, we use only one manufacturer for patient lifts. We believe that EZ Way, a manufacturer headquartered in Iowa, makes some of the best patient transfer devices on the market today. Their products are very well built making them safer and they stay in service longer making them very cost effective.

According to EZ Way: “We pride ourselves on manufacturing commercial grade equipment that will stand up to repeated use over many years. We think you will find that our products, when averaged over their lifetime of use, are very economical. In addition, our products are built to last longer than most on the market. We’ve completed a total cost of ownership study conducted with six active facilities that exclusively use EZ Way equipment. This study tracked the total cost of ownership of specific units, including the initial equipment purchase as well the cost of replacement parts. The total cost (initial purchase and parts combined) was divided by the number of years the equipment was in use, at the time of the study, to determine an annual ‘cost of ownership.’”

What they found: Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is $250/year (including parts) for a lift which has been used in the field for 20 years (and they can last that long!).  Average TCO for a 15-year life cycle was $370 (including initial purchase and parts).

Depreciation advantage; if the normal accounting practice is to depreciate this equipment at 5 or 7 years, you have additional years of service available with these units at minimal cost to you. No need to purchase an Extended Warranty. Your maintenance department will see minimal need for repair, which they can do themselves with assistance from our technical support team, though a “Service Contract” is always available.

Some additional thoughts we’d like you to consider:

  • The equipment is delivered complete and ready to go, no assembly required.
  • The EZ Way Smart Stands provide both pivot-transfer and ambulation capabilities, something other competitors might not be able to provide.
  • In-servicing/Training is provided at no charge for Smart Lifts for the life of the equipment. Other manufacturers and distributers charge for this service. Our field staff becomes a motivating driver to keep your staff using your EZ Way equipment.
  • We manufacture here in the USA and have had a business presence for over 100 years

According to our customers with multiple brands of lifts in their facilities, their EZ Lifts are their “go to” patient lift because they know the EZ Lift will always be working!

See more at: https://www.wsergo.com/


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The Ultra Smart Mat available for the medical and industrial fields


WorkSafe Products is pleased to announce addition of the Ultra Smart Mat to our lineup of ergonomic products. This product is designed for use in the medical and industrial fields, as well as any application requiring an extraordinarily durable SmartMat.

The Sit-Stand Ultra SmartMat is the only anti-fatigue mat that really works for sit and stand desks. It allows the user to move the mat without bending over to pick up or move the mat. If you have someone with back issues you don’t want them bending over all the time to move their standing mat.The Ultra SmartMat has the same cushion and function as our Premium SmartMat, but features a thick Antimicrobial rubber top treated for the life of the product. This is also a particularly rugged mat and comes with an extended 6 year warranty, though it will last much longer. In addition, the top is grease and oil proof – and even safe in a welding environment.

The Ultra SmartMat has the same cushion and function as our Premium SmartMat, but features a thick Antimicrobial rubber top treated for the life of the product. This is also a particularly rugged mat and comes with an extended 6 year warranty, though it will last much longer. In addition, the top is grease and oil proof – and even safe in a welding environment.

The product comes in black only and is available for either carpeted or hard surfaces.

Click here to find more information on our website

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EZ Way shakes-up the patient lift market by introducing a high quality low cost patient lift

classic lift

EZ Way has just entered the low-cost lift market with their new EZ Way Classic Lift! EZ Way’s Classic Lift is not like other inexpensive lifts on the market as it is built just a sturdy as the EZ Way Smart Lift and offers the same 10-year warranty on the frame and 3-year warranty on components.

The Classic Lift offers:

  • Power leg spreader
  • 500lb weight capacity
  • Includes 1 battery pack and on-board charging (optional remote battery charger available)
  • Uses EZ Way’s complete line of accessories

Use the EZ Way Classic Lift to:

  • Lift and transfer patients from bed, chair, toilet and floor
  • Reposition or turn patients in bed
  • Elevate limbs

Safe Patient Handling has been a challenge since moving patients requires a great deal of force and positioning. A wrong move can cause severe back problems. To compound the problem patients have become heavier and heavier. The best product we have found for transferring is the EZ Lift. It is heavy duty, easy to use and has an outstanding service department. Now EZ Way has introduced a lift with all of the features just mention but for almost $2,000 less than the EZ Way Smart Lift!

If you would like a no obligation quote or if you would like to learn more, please send us an email or give us a call.

For detailed information on the EZ Way Classic Lift click here.

For EZ Way’s web site click here

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