EZ Way shakes-up the patient lift market by introducing a high quality low cost patient lift

classic lift

EZ Way has just entered the low-cost lift market with their new EZ Way Classic Lift! EZ Way’s Classic Lift is not like other inexpensive lifts on the market as it is built just a sturdy as the EZ Way Smart Lift and offers the same 10-year warranty on the frame and 3-year warranty on components.

The Classic Lift offers:

  • Power leg spreader
  • 500lb weight capacity
  • Includes 1 battery pack and on-board charging (optional remote battery charger available)
  • Uses EZ Way’s complete line of accessories

Use the EZ Way Classic Lift to:

  • Lift and transfer patients from bed, chair, toilet and floor
  • Reposition or turn patients in bed
  • Elevate limbs

Safe Patient Handling has been a challenge since moving patients requires a great deal of force and positioning. A wrong move can cause severe back problems. To compound the problem patients have become heavier and heavier. The best product we have found for transferring is the EZ Lift. It is heavy duty, easy to use and has an outstanding service department. Now EZ Way has introduced a lift with all of the features just mention but for almost $2,000 less than the EZ Way Smart Lift!

If you would like a no obligation quote or if you would like to learn more, please send us an email or give us a call.

For detailed information on the EZ Way Classic Lift click here.

For EZ Way’s web site click here

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Everything you need to setup your computer workstation


Be sure to visit our new website: www.worksafeproducts.com

to see our complete lineup of ergonomic products!

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See EZ Way’s updated website for information on purchasing a new Patient Lift or for lots of support on your current EZ Lift

Be sure to check out EZ Way’s updated website. For clients looking for a new lift or needing information on a current EZ Lift there is aEZ ServiceManual798&598.indd lot of information to help you get years of safe usage on you products. Information includes:

  • Options and Part Numbers
  • Operation Instructions
  • Sling Sizing Charts
  • Warranty Info (important due to EZ Way’s extensive warranty)
  • Product Flyer
  • Service Manual
  • FDA Safety Guide
  • Accessory Checklist
  • Safety Checklist
  • Much more!

In addition, you will find lots of helpful articles, webinars and testimonials. A well planned Safe Patient Handling Program starts here!


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Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mats

Are you have trouble finding anti fatigue mats for your Sit Stand Desk? Here is a solution we found to make it more comfortable to use the new desks.

For more information click here.

Visit our new website at: www.worksafeproducts.com


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EZ Way Stand Aids deserve a second look

This affordable, durable, non-motorized EZ Stand Aid has been around for a while. It is a transport assist unit which StandAidInUse_92383BB370BF8actively engages the patient in the standing process, thus reducing the need for caregiver assistance. Transport is quick and requires minimal caregiver assistance.  Users simply grasp the middle bar and pull themselves up.  An automatic-locking padded split seat swings out for loading or unloading then swings back to form a comfortable, secure seat. Its adjustable legs, ability to fit through narrow doorways, and 450 lb. weight capacity makes it an excellent wheelchair alternative for convenient patient transfers or for easier commode access.


  • 450 lb. weight capacity
  • Moveable base legs for flexibility in accommodating seating surfaces
  • Dual knee pads for secure transfers
  • Automatic seat locks for a secure seat for transfers
  • Optional safety belt
  • Optional support strap


  • Sturdy, yet easily fits through narrow doorways
  • Affordable alternative to electric standing aids
  • Promotes mobility for the patient
  • Provides a time and cost saving tool for safe, efficient transfers

For more information see EZ Way’s Website

To purchase call us at: 314-872-9022 or email: ted@worksafeproducts.com

For more information see WorkSafe Products new website:


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FDA Patient Lift Safety Guide


Click here or on image to download your copy of this free guide.

Click here for EZ Way’s full catalog of Safe Patient Handling products or go to their website

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Happy Holidays!

Sometimes even Santa needs a lift after a long night flying around the world. Rudolf and the Elves were glad to have the EZ Out to help get Santa out of the sleigh!

Sants EZ Out

Wishing you Happy Holidays from WorkSafe Products and EZ Way

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